Great Dividing Range

Founded in 1995 by Andrew McLatchie, GDR evolved from understanding the needs of large retail chain stores looking for Indonesian supply chain. Our business model provides reliable and professional product development, large volume productions, well trained merchandisers, quality control, packaging, labeling solutions, and compliant facilities.

We pride ourselves on our ability to bring to market a wide range of furniture, water features, planters and decorative accessories, with a focus on Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), or lightweight concrete as more commonly known. GFRC is a strong & durable material that endures the extremes of all weather conditions.

Our GFRC is distinctly different to concrete, poly resin, fiber stone, or GRC. It has been developed and thoroughly tested specifically to withstand the full spectrum of weather conditions found worldwide, from below freezing to over 50°C, without degradation. Our unique method of applying the fiber strands and concrete allow for a dispersion of the fiber that creates an individual matrix or layer, rather than the 3 layers created by other methods.

The use of only one layer takes away the possibility of delamination or separation as well as almost eliminating the small spider web cracks associated with other materials and methods of application. Without the separate layers, our GFRC has far greater tensile and impact strengths than most.

This same distinct method also allows for the application of colors through a process of chemical reaction. GFRC uses no paint or surface layer color, but rather a series of applications developed by our chemist. Through reactions in the concrete, these colors penetrate into the matrix, making them resilient to sun and rain. Our sealants are applied the same way, using nanotechnology to penetrate into the matrix to further protect our products from ice.